Legislative Accomplishments

Legislative Accomplishments

Grassroots Victories 88th Session: 

SB 1933 (passed) – Harris County election takeover

  • SB 1933 established procedures that would allow the Secretary of State to take over administration of elections and voter registration in Harris County should they find a recurring pattern of problems within the county.

HB 2020 (did not pass, left pending in committee 3/30/2023) – Secretary of State election takeover bill

  • HB 2020 would have given the Secretary of State the authority to suspend the employment of a county elections administrator if there was found to be a recurring pattern of election-based issues (including voting system malfunctions, unfair distribution of election supplies, errors in tabulation of results, or delays in reporting election results).

HB 2273 (did not pass, House passed. Placed on Senate intent calendar on 5/24/2023) – teaching students about communism

  • HB 2273 would have required that Texas students be taught about the horrors of communism and totalitarianism—ideologies which have been associated with repression, human rights violations, and economic stagnation. The bill sought to educate young people about these ideologies so that they might develop a critical understanding of the dangers of authoritarianism and the importance of protecting individual rights and freedoms.

Major Legislation 88th Session: 

HB 2002 (out-of-pocket expense credit, might be a little technical but has been popular with right-leaning groups, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/19/2023)

  • HB 2002 is a bill that gives patients the ability to cash pay for medical services (without using their health insurance) and still receive credit toward their deductible and maximum out-of-pocket expenses. Oftentimes, patients can get a better price for medical services if they pay cash, and the aim of this bill is to encourage this cost-saving behavior.

SB 14 (no gender mutilation for children, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/2/2023)

  • SB 14 prohibits medical professionals in Texas from prescribing any drugs or performing any surgeries on children for the purpose of attempting to modify that child’s gender. Under this bill, any medical professional who violates the law is subject to losing their license.

SB 833 (no ESG in insurance, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/18/2023)

  • SB 833 prohibits any insurance company doing business in Texas from using “ESG” factors as a basis for setting rates. The bill ensures that only actuarially-valid factors are considered when determining rates or issuing coverage—not race, socioeconomic status, political affiliation. Before this bill was passed, there were efforts to limit insurance coverage for oil and gas companies.

Grassroots Victories 87th Session: 

HB 957 (passed, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/15/2021) – firearm suppressor freedom

  • HB 957 made the sale, manufacturing, and ownership of Texas-made suppressors legal. The bill aimed to help reduce over-burdensome regulations placed on firearm suppressors. Attorney General Paxton is actively fighting to keep this law in effect in the 5th Circuit.

HB 1218 (SB 797 passed, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/16/2021) – national motto in classrooms

  • SB 797 required the display of the national motto, “In God We Trust,” in all public schools if the motto is donated or purchased from private donations.

SB 23 (passed, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/1/2021) – no defunding law enforcement

  • SB 23 prohibits cities and counties from defunding law enforcement. If localities feel it is necessary to cut law enforcement budgets, they must receive voter approval before doing so.

HB 1424 (did not pass, placed on General State Calendar 5/13/2021) – healthcare worker conscience bill

  • HB 1424 would protect the consciences of all healthcare professionals, including students, for all moral convictions regarding any healthcare service. Healthcare professionals are increasingly facing pressure to either perform medical procedures with which they fundamentally disagree or leave the medical profession. Legislation like HB 1424 would protect the sincerely held beliefs of those working in medicine.

HB 3080 (did not pass, committee report sent to calendars 4/27/2021) – mail ballot security (fingerprint verification for mail ballots)

  • HB 3080 would have made it a crime to send a mail ballot to a person who did not request one. The bill would have increased ballot security by requiring biometric verification for mail-in ballots.

Major Legislation 87th Session: 

HB 1763 (pbm regulation. signed by Governor Abbott on 5/26/2021)

  • HB 1763 prohibits companies called “pharmacy benefit managers” (PBMs) from engaging in practices that create barriers to fair competition for community pharmacies and limit patients’ freedom to use the pharmacy of their choice. Prior to this law passing, patients were often forced into using mail or delivery services for their prescription, and under HB 1763, patient choice is protected.

HB 3924 (farm bureau health plan, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/18/2021)

  • HB 3924 created an innovative, free-market solution to healthcare shortages in rural areas. The bill allowed for the creation of an insurance plan that provides rural Texans with access to quality, affordable health coverage.

SB 1137 (hospital price transparency, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/18/2021)

  • SB 1137 aims to bring transparency to the prices patients can be expected to pay at Texas hospitals. The bill required that hospitals publish their prices for common procedures and surgeries, which allows patients the opportunity to “shop” for the best price available.

Major Legislation 86th Session 

HB 2041 (reining in abusive freestanding ERs, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/14/2019)

  • HB 2041 helped rein in abusive freestanding ERs to patient protection. The bill required that freestanding emergency rooms provide information to patients whether their insurance plan is in or out-of-network up-front before they receive care. The bill forced FSERs to disclose hidden fees up-front and prohibited them from using vague or confusing logos and verbiage to trick patients into believing their insurance covered their visit.

HB 2536 (pharmaceutical price transparency, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/14/2019)

  • HB 2536 brought much-needed transparency to drug pricing in Texas. The bill requires pharmaceutical companies to submit data to the state when their prices quickly rise and makes that information easily accessible to the public.

SB 1264 (no surprise medical billing, signed by Governor Abbott on 6/14/2019)

  • SB 1264 ended the practice of surprise medical billing for Texans with state-regulated health insurance plans. This type of situation arises when patients get out-of-network care in emergency situations or get out-of-network care in in-network facilities. Before the passage of this bill, patients were often left on the hook to pay the difference between what their insurance company was willing to pay and what the provider had charged to care for the patient.