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“The State of Texas Has the Right to Regulate the Practice of Medicine.” Rep. Tom Oliverson

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Tom Oliverson Not Backing Down, Will Challenge Dade Phelan for Speaker

State Rep. Tom Oliverson says his race for Speaker of the House is moving “to the next level,” after Dade…

Why I'm Running

The dysfunction in the Texas House during 2023 highlights a need for change at the Capitol. Two weeks ago, Republican voters across Texas sent a strong and unmistakable signal that Texas needs a new paradigm. Ineffective leadership in the House brought about the first. The frustration of the voters underscores the second.

For these reasons, I am announcing my candidacy for Speaker of the Texas House for the 89th Session.

I’ve been listening to voters across the state as well as the grumblings of my colleagues and I understand the need for a new paradigm in the Texas House. Here is my vision.